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Team Information

The Invaders Baseball program, in cooperation with The Baseball Company and Upper Deck Sports Academy, is the only professionally staffed baseball developmental organization in Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Our structured, comprehensive development program is built on years of experience and success. Our program focuses on player development which begins in the off season with training, conditioning, and specific skill development. Player development  continues throughout the entire baseball season with access to professional instruction and training. Invaders Baseball, along with the instructors at our two locations,  strive to develop athletes so they reach their maximum potential.



How much does it cost and what exactly does our structured comprehensive development program include?

Your answers can be found below along with online payment plans and options.

The Program

 We truly believe in developing baseball players as a whole by taking pride in helping them athletically AND in the classroom. We plan to increase their baseball IQ through professional instruction. All coaches will have at least collegiate playing experience which will put your athlete in a great position to mature their game.


We want to be able to provide our players with the tools for success. You can tailor your player package to include the following:

  • One Hour Personal Instruction

  • Strength and Throwing Programs

  • Video Analysis

  • Access to Indoor Baseball Facilities

  • Multiple Uniforms

  • Player Pages and Recruiting Video



But coming up with the W isn't everything. Baseball is a game of loss, the percentages are against us.  How players rebound and learn from mistakes will ultimately prove there success.

We are not focused on wins (although they feel better), we are focused on development which will create the confidence within players to win games.

Roster Limitations

To encourage the most playing time per player, our rosters will carry a maximum of 12 players position players


Our teams compete in some of the best events in the nation. Our goal is to challenge our players by choosing events that challenge them to be better. If your not competing against the best competition, why do you want to play elite level baseball?

Cost Structure

We offer various fundraising opportunities to off-set the expense of our program as well as different levels different cost structures to accommodate your needs in our program. 

Base Cost for Position Players:

$275 per month

Base Cost for Pitchers Only:

$195 per month

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