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Hittrax Winter League




  • Youth 11U/12U - SUNDAYS (WARM UP START 4:00 PM)

  • Middle School 13U/14U - SATURDAYS

  • HS 15U + - SATURDAYS



  • Youth - 12U Field (virtual fielders set to 12U level)

  • Middle School - HS Field (virtual fielders set to HS level)

  • HS - College Field (virtual fielders set to Collegiate level)



  • All games will be played on Saturdays (no exceptions)

  • Youth Game Dates - Dec. 16th / Dec. 30th / Jan. 6th / Jan. 13th / Jan. 20th

  • Middle School and HS Game Dates - Dec. 15th / Dec. 29th / Jan. 5th / Jan. 12th / Jan. 19th

  • Youth Championship Date - Jan. 27th

  • Middle School and HS Championship Date - Jan. 26th


Game Times

  • Youth 4PM - 7:30 PM (teams will play in 1 hour blocks double header each weekend will play same team twice)

  • Middle School and HS 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm last game finishes by 9:00 pm (teams will play in 1 hour blocks double header each weekend will play same team twice) if we have enough signups we will not play a Middle School Division and make different HS divisions with Division winners going to playoffs.

  • Additional cages will be used for warm up prior to game time (dedicated cages for each team prior to the game / will not need to share cages - Cages will be open 30 minutes prior to start of scheduled game)


















Game Play

  • 7 Inning game or 30 minute time limit or equal amount of innings played will determine winner (pitching machine will be used to ensure fairness - machine will be placed on a speed appropriate for the level of play)

  • Strikeouts and walks are in play (there will be no HBP used)

  • No run limit per inning

  • must have 4 players registered for team but can play with 3 players if a player is missing

  • cannot pick up random player from another team

  • League play (10 regular season games) will seed for Championship Playoff with top 4 teams

  • Top 4 teams will play double elimination bracket for Championship


Game Schedule

  • Games will be on Saturdays

  • 5 Saturdays of league play

  • 1 Saturday of Championship (no time limit on Championship Bracket) and HR Derby Play

  • Team will pick home field (will play one game as home team and one game as visitor)


HR Derby

  • HR Derby contestants will be picked by HR leaders or EXH leaders on each team

  • One contestant per team will be selected

  • HR Derby will take place prior to Championship Bracket play

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