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Individual and Team Fundraising

Invaders Baseball is a 501(c)3 organization which means we do accept donations and provide opportunities for individuals and teams raise money through fundraising events and business donations.

Part of what makes this organization different from many is the chance to work as a non-profit group at UVA events and make money for your account and off-set monthly dues.  You can make minimum $50 for merchandise stands and $70 for food stands, with additional commission percentage on sales per person.  Workers must be at least 16 years old, and you can have multiple people work for your account. Payments are sent directly to Baseball Company and applied to your account.  The payments will first be used towards your contract fees- after those fees have been paid in full, personal fundraising money can be used for hotels and other personal baseball related expenses such as equipment.


As of today, there are still chances for you to sign up for some of the remaining home football games, become TIPS certified to work concerts and non-sport events, and what everyone is looking forward to the 2019-20 basketball season.  For men’s basketball season Invaders Baseball is dedicated to both the Women’s and Men’s merchandise sides and possible portables.  We will need 8 to 10 workers per game .  Women’s basketball only opens one side, but food portables are available. If we cannot provide enough workers each game, there is a chance they give our stands to another nonprofit, but right now we are top choice.  We don’t want that to happen.


Please contact Erika Eubanks,, direct to sign up for a slot, or if you have any questions about working events.


CHECK IN TIMES: Varies depending on event. 


PARKING: Free parking at Darden parking garage or lower level of parking garage at JPJ for specified games. 


DRESS CODE: Black or khaki pants and closed-toe shoes. If you have previously worked with concessions and still have your orange shirt and hat please wear it. For those that do not have a concessions shirt and hat, I will provide you with them when you check-in. Anyone wearing jeans, leggings, shorts and/or open toe shoes will not be allowed to work. 


CLEAR BAG POLICY: Bags must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and cannot exceed 12" x 6" x 12" or clear one-gallon plastic freezer bags are also permitted. Small clutch bags/wallets no larger than 4.5" x 6.5"  can be taken into the stadium or arena and will be subject to search. An exception will be made for items necessary for medical reasons after proper inspections at a gate designated for this purpose. Prohibited bags include, but are not limited to: purses, wallets or clutches larger than 4.5" x 6.5", coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, diaper bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size.

Sign up early…slots fill up quickly and are not guaranteed!  Schedule is listed below.

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