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Have you asked yourself, “What opportunities are available for my son who loves to play baseball and has the skills and commitment to excel at the sport he loves?”  Is your player no longer challenged by league baseball nor getting the developmental coaching that they deserve? If so, then playing with Invaders Baseball is the place for your family.


Our structured comprehensive development program is built on years of experience and success. Our program focuses on player development which begins in the off-season with training, conditioning, and skill development. Player development  continues throughout the entire baseball season with access to professional instruction and training. Invaders Baseball, along with the instructors at our two locations,  strive to develop athletes so they reach their maximum potential.


Invaders Baseball is not just another travel baseball program entering numerous tournaments trying to load up a trophy case. Tournaments are used to measure  player development and team success. High school age teams play in showcase tournaments as well as participate in our hosted personal scouting combines at collegiate venues. Both showcases and combines put players in front of college recruiters allowing a direct opportunity to showcase their skills. It is also great to get experience visiting different college campuses to help you find the right fit for your athlete. Our goal is to provide your player the knowledge and resource to aid in helping them earn a spot on an NCAA roster.


You might ask yourself, “all of this sounds great, but it has to be expensive?” A program like this does cost more than a traditional travel baseball program. Our experience has proven that simply practicing and playing baseball does not achieve the complete athlete. To help with the expense of the program, payment plans are available. Additionally, each team at Invaders Baseball operates as a non-profit organization allowing families the opportunity to participate in fundraising events to offset player costs.


Families need to be reminded that developing a baseball player is not something that is done with a few lessons, team practices, and a jersey on a travel baseball team. Developing a baseball player is a journey. We believe that during the time your player will be with us, he will be in the best hands in the area to lead them through this journey.  We will ask your son to practice often, whether that is with us in a session, at practice, working in the weight-room, or in their back yard at home. Additionally, families need to understand that this program is not for everyone and if players/ families are not fully committed to the program they will not realize the success it offers. 

Below is an online prospect questionnaire that will be forwarded to our Player Development; from that point our Directors of Player Development will send you emails about tryouts, dates, times, and will answer any questions about the program you may have.

If you are interested in showcasing your skills in front of our coaches/ staff, please fill out the questionnaire and you will be contacted with available dates for a tryout.



Garrett Payne (2020)-   NC STATE (D1) - The Miller School

Noah Murray (2023) - DUKE (D1) - The Miller School

Nathan Fink (2022) -   UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA (D1) - Western Albemarle

Logan Ransom (2019) - UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE (D1) - Steward School

Henry Cooke (2022)-  VIRGINIA TECH (D1) - The Miller School

Jacob Exum (2022) - VIRGINIA TECH (D1) - The Miller School

Simon Lewellen (2021) - WAKE FOREST (D1) - The Miller School

Ethan Chenault (2020) -   UNC WILMINGTON (D1) - The Miller School

Jeremy Wagner (2020)-    AUSTIN PEAY (D1) - The Miller School

Landon Abrahamson (2022) - DAYTON - The Miller School

Lucas Adam (2022) - DAYTON - The Miller School

Caden Richter (2023) - DAYTON - Fort Defiance

Spencer Williams (2021)- GARDNER WEBB (D1) - Jefferson Forest

Jack Masloff (2019) -   VCU (D1) - The Miller School

Alex Markopoulos (2019) - BUCKNELL (D1) - St. Anne's-Belfield

Jacob Williams (2019) -   MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE (D1) - Liberty Christian Academy

Matt Sykes (2019) -   GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY (D1) - The Miller School

TJ Brooks (2022) - JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY - The Miller School

Luke Craytor (2022) - LAFAYETTE - Western Albemarle

Jackson Ingram (2024) - WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY - The Miller School

Jacob Critzer (2019) -   LINCOLN MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY (D2) - Fluvanna County

Keenan Williams (2019) -   UNC PEMBROKE (D2) - Orange County


Jack Marshall (2020) - ROANOKE (D3) - The Miller School

Canon Davies (2019) -   UNIVERSITY OF MARY WASHINGTON (D3) - Orange County

Nick Jenkins (2019) - EMU (D3) - East Rockingham

Jakob King (2019) - MARY BALDWIN (D3) - Riverheads

Scott Reid (2019) -   CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT UNIVERSITY (D3) - Albemarle

Jack Marshall (2019)- ROANOKE (D3) - The Miller School

Grayson Bush (2019) - RANDOLPH MACON (D3) - Monticello

Wyatt Dansey (2019) - FERRUM - Fluvanna

Kristan Negron (2019) - FERRUM - Fluvanna

Jared Mayhew (2019) - MARY BALDWIN - Staunton River

Chaz Harvey (2021) - RANDOLPH-MACON - The Miller School

Sam Helton (2021) - CHATHAM - Blacksburg HS

Drew LaPrade (2021) - CAROLINA UNIVERSITY - Rustburg

Dusty Wood (2022) - MERCHANT MARINES - The Miller School

Mike Rowlamnds (2024) - LYNCHBURG UNIVERSITY - Jefferson Forest

Da'Shon Carter (2019) -   BRYANT AND STRATTON (JUCO) - Fluvanna County

Jose Rocha (2019) - PATRICK HENRY CC (JUCO) - Harrisonburg

John Rittenhouse (2021) - PATRICK HENRY CC (JUCO)- Fluvanna County

Henry Hardie (2021) - PATRICK HENRY CC (JUCO)- The Miller School

Andrew Barrese (2022) - PATRICK HENRY CC (JUCO)- Western Albemarle

Laken Tignor (2022) - PATRICK HENRY CC (JUCO)- The Miller School


17U - Billy Wagner

16U - TBD

15U - Nolan Shaffer / Shannon Rush

14U - TBD

13U- Kody Rose 

12U - TBD

11U - TBD

10U - Jeff Kamrath

Speed and Strength Coach (All Teams) - Jack Morris

Tryout Dates (All Tryouts to be held at The Miller School)


10U - 11U - 12U - 13U - 14U

November 11th at 4:00 pm

Location: McIntire LL


10U - 11U - 12U - 13U - 14U

October 25th or November 1st at 6:30 pm or November 5th at 12 pm

Location: The Miller School

15U - 16U - 17U

November 2nd at 6:30 PM or November 5th at 10 am

Location: The Miller School





If you are unable to sign up above due to a technical error please send an email to:

** If you are using a work computer or work phone / connected to out of home Wi-Fi - the form may not load as it could be blocked by the software **

Please try personal device / personal internet.


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